OS X. After Sierra upgrade usb hub not working

Several months ago I upgraded to MacOS Sierra. As a side effect(bug?) my Sitecom usb-hub, holding 7 ports having it’s own power supply, disappeared from the mac. I searched for the internet for a solution, but there weren’t many answers. Also most of the answers concerned other brand usb-hubs. None of the answers helped my out. If only I read which computer usb ports not to use in combination with by it’s own power supplied usb devices, I wouldn’t have lived with a rather immobile keyboard on my desk that long.

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Xcode 9 beta, GitHub and JSon

Welcome to Xcode 9 Beta

Xcode 9 beta and JSon objects

Actually I had in mind writing on JSon in Swift 3(Xcode 8.3.3), but scope creep occurred as Xcode 9 was released (on me). This creep turned into one big Xcode and GitHub lesson.  So this blog is about several Swift JSon projects -now in a supporting role, because the main star of this blog is Xcode 9.  Xcode is also the star because it’s faster than it’s predecessor 8 as the same counts for the new Simulator version 10. Next GitHub is integrated a a step further. And on top Swift 4 handles JSon far more elegant than ‘old fashioned’ JSONserialise-way. Probably making SwiftyJSon obsolete too.

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Craig Wright on Bitcoin and SegWit

Craig Wright unexpectedly showed up as guest speaker at the Future of Bitcoin Conference on Bitcoin 2017. He talked about SegWit – the answer is NO, nodes, connectivity, volumes and fees, economic behaviour; almost every aspect of bitcoin. It is a must for everyone interested in the (political) economy of the Bitcoin network. After the presentation I certainly take a closer look at the comments in the original code he’s referring to. After the 55 minute presentation an interesting Q&A followed. Besides the usual “Are you Nakamoto?” questions, a far more interesting question followed.

Q:  What do you think is going to happen to governments when Bitcoin does take over [the role of national fiat currencies]?

Craig Wright: They’re going to have to be honest. I don’t know if they can actually do that, but they’re going to have to learn because they can’t manipulate the money anymore. […] So either, they start actually not lying – if they start being honest about things and start treating all their policies economically, or they die. And by economically I mean: Every time you make some bullshit political statements saying “we’re going to do X, Y and Z” it comes at a cost. Everything is economic. Every life you save is a life that you sacrifice. When you take money away to give to healthcare there are other uses. Money is a scarce good. Scarce economic goods have alternative uses. You always have things at the margin and you always have to trade one for the other. There is never everything, it is always a choice and they have to start being honest in that choice.

To those who wants a closer read first about the following presentation. Wright published a paper about miners behaviour recently: Proof of Work as it Relates To The Theory of The Firm. Miners, micro economic behavior, Rational Choice, Social Choice, Transaction Costs, Coase, Arrow, Adam Smith, Schumpeter. Bitcoin is more than coding.

Credits for Gavin 9001  showing this presentation.