Xcode 9 beta, GitHub and JSon

Welcome to Xcode 9 Beta

Xcode 9 beta and JSon objects

Actually I had in mind writing on JSon in Swift 3(Xcode 8.3.3), but scope creep occurred as Xcode 9 was released (on me). This creep turned into one big Xcode and GitHub lesson.  So this blog is about several Swift JSon projects -now in a supporting role, because the main star of this blog is Xcode 9.  Xcode is also the star because it’s faster than it’s predecessor 8 as the same counts for the new Simulator version 10. Next GitHub is integrated a a step further. And on top Swift 4 handles JSon far more elegant than ‘old fashioned’ JSONserialise-way. Probably making SwiftyJSon obsolete too.

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